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Direct Investment

FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP Investments focuses on making direct equity or debt investments in Bahraini-based companies and projects. Our primary goal in this regard is to acquire minority stakes with appropriate minority protection rights and board representations to ensure the implementation of our investment thesis and strategy. In addition to optimizing returns, we take other factors into consideration when investing, including the project’s potential role in contributing to the development of the local economy, the creation of jobs for Bahraini nationals, the transfer of expertise and technology to the local markets, and contribution towards national priorities.

FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP’s mission is to become the central pillar of Bahraini's direct private investments by becoming the partner of choice for both local and international businesses. FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP’s aim is to lead the Bahrain's direct investment market by acting as a catalyst and creator of unique investments, setting the standards for direct investment in the Kingdom. In this context, FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP’s local direct investment principles and value creation approach are summarized below:
Invest in growth and development opportunities in Bahrain (with established local platform or international partner) while maintaining a dynamic approach in selecting investments.
Seek partnerships with local and/or international players that can add value to an investment, and position FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP as the local partner of choice.
Maintain influential/ active minority ownership to ensure ability to add value through board representation but without assuming control .
Invest with a long-term value creation mindset without forgoing compelling short or medium-term monetization opportunities.
Acquisitions: Acquire minority stakes in established, stable, and reputable local and International companies with strong management teams and strong growth prospects
New Ventures: Partner with and invest alongside international and/or local sector experts to establish new companies in key growth markets
Infrastructure: Partner with and invest alongside reputable and capable consortiums and specialized infrastructure companies developing infrastructure
Industrial: Partner with and invest alongside international and/or local players in the development of greenfield and brownfield industrial projects
Healthcare (pharmaceuticals, health services, and pharmacies)
Energy (including renewables)
Specialized financing services (e.g., mortgage refinancing)
Industrial (e.g. chemicals, industrial and electrical machines and equipment, metals, building materials, upstream minerals and mining, rubber products)
Education (including training)
Consumer goods & services
Infrastructure (e.g. conventional power, water desalination, district cooling, solid waste, wastewater)
FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP can hold up to 49% of the equity capital of a private company while ensuring adequate minority protection rights and without assuming control of the business. FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP will target the following investment sizes:
Corporate Acquisitions: BHD 50 million to BHD 600 million
New Ventures: BHD 300 million to BHD 700 million
Infrastructure & Industrial: BHD 400 million to BHD 1 billion
Image Alternative text Transparent bottom-up process with the Board of Directors making the ultimate investment decision
Initial screening usually completed within a couple of weeks
The investment process takes into account the unique aspects of each investment
The speed and efficiency of the investment process will depend on the transparency and accuracy of the provided information

Asset Management / Private Equity

FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP invests as a limited partner in private equity funds, which are distributed across diverse sectors, regions and time-vintages, in accordance with specific strategies. Our evaluation of potential private equity investments aims to select funds that are managed by top-performing managers who demonstrate significant experience. proven and sustainable track records, and the highest levels of governance, alignment, and transparency.

The company invests through asset management portfolios of globally diversified securities based on a strategy that aims to provide a stable rate of return consistent with the long-term preservation of its capital. This is pursued through measures such as targeting investment opportunities with balanced risk-to-return ratios and the continuous monitoring of performance.