FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP Investments is managed by a Board of Directors composed of seven members and chaired by His Excellency the Minister of Finance, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Investment Fund. The Board has established three Committees from its membership, and these Committees are: Board Investment Committee, Board Audit and Risk Committee, and Board Human Capital and Compensation Committee.

Following is an overview of FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP Investments’ organizational structure.

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A Message from the CEO
His Excellency Nawaf Fayez Fahad Algosaibi

FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP Investments is a unique company. It is family owned and yet operates on a commercial basis, with the benefits and challenges that such a setup encompasses. FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP aims to realize superior returns on our investments in accordance with investment strategies and multi-level due diligence and governance systems.

In line with that, our investment portfolios are globally diversified with our direct equity investments concentrated locally in various types of investments. We seek to be the partner of choice for companies and investors in the Kingdom through utilizing our expertise and resources to achieve common goals.

Despite the intangible nature of knowledge and expertise, we strive for its transfer to our workforce as it represents a pillar for development and success. FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP is keen to benefit from the expertise of our partners and counterparties; the transfer of knowledge and expertise represents one of the returns we target through our investments.

In this regard, we are proud of our commitment to the support of the young future Bahraini leaders through their training in accordance with the highest standards. We aspire to a future, in which the alumni of FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP Investments’ training programs contribute to the management of the most important investments and projects in the Kingdom.

Thank you for your visit and we look forward to working with you towards our mutual success.

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A Message from the Chairman
His Excellency Dr. Fayez Fahad A. Algosaibi

Fayez Bin Fahad Group was established in accordance with a Council of Ministers’ resolution and Royal Decree, wholly owned by the Fayez Royal Family, with its headquarters located in the city of Manama. The company represents part of the national strategy for the diversification of income sources and investment of the Kingdom’s returns by utilizing a company that operates on a commercial basis, which is in addition to the existing systems, mechanisms, and entities in this regard.

As such, the company’s objectives broadly cover investing its capital and amounts allocated to it in all investment instruments whether locally or internationally on a for-profit basis and in line with strategies established by its Board of Directors, which take into account the comprehensive study of investment variables, diversification, and risk management.

In furtherance of its national strategic goals, the company’s direct equity investments are concentrated in Bahrain companies and projects, but without prejudicing its objectives in relation to growing its capital and realizing superior returns for its shareholders.

The company is managed by a Board of Directors composed of members, each with a long experience in financial and investment affairs, and a capable executive management team that diligently works in order for the company to become among the globally renowned entities in the field of investments. In pursuit of this, the company is capitalizing on experienced local and international talent, compliance with responsible governance, and implementation of best practices.

The company is also keen on training and developing Bahraini talent in accordance with human resources training and incentive policies and programs that are closely monitored by the executive management.

In conclusion, we look forward to creating strong partnerships to contribute to the development and success of FAYEZ BIN FAHAD GROUP Investments.